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MSP Icons

feel the love!

Manic Street Preachers Icons
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This is, of course, a community for lj icons, but not just any old icons - Manic Street Preachers icons. Because they are the sex, and deserve to be featured on everybody's icons. Am I right? Yes, yes I am.

1. Anybody can join, and anybody can post icons. But you don't have to post icons to join the community, you can just join to bask in the glow of Manicy goodness..on icons.
2. Don't comment or join or whatever just to harass people, if you're not a fan of the Manics just stay out of it.
3. Community plugging is allowed as long as it relates, however distantly, to the Manics and/or icons eg. if you have an icon journal or a community about something else to do with the Manics. It's all about spreadin' the love.
4. Icon requests and the posting of bases are also encouraged, as well as banners and the like, because yknow, Manics fans are a nice breed and like to help each other out. yes yes.
5. This should go without saying, but please remember to credit in icon keywords/comments and all that nice friendly stuff, okay.

I am fiftyshocks, mod/maintainer/contributor...and the person responsible for the comm icon and shoddy layout...sorry.

manic_empire <-for general Manics things, news and that, kindalikeyknow
manicsobsessive <-for obsessives
omg_mancakes <-for spazz
the_drowners <-for fic
sleepflowers <- for Richey
wetnaturaldirty <-for Nicky
youfuckingare <-for James
facelessmillion <-for Sean
ifwhiteamerica <-for American fans
runtillithurts <-for Australian fans
carrier_bags <-for Nicky ♥ Richey, and vice versa

(all open in a new window)
Forever Delayed
Stay Beautiful
Manic Museum
Richey site

Any suggestions for other sites that can be linked here? Post away then!